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What’s in your...library?


Get it? What is your wallet? What’s in your library? Oh, well.

These are my titles, which should all be in your library. If you don’t have them, go to Amazon and get them before they are gone!

Sean cover EBOOK.tif



SEAN: MISSING is the sequel to The Hunt for Levi. Sean and his mother have been kidnapped by a vicious serial killer, Levi. After a terrifying period of captivity, Sean is sold into the world of human trafficking, where he spends the next year trying to escape. Immerse yourself in his daily struggle to survive the horrors of captivity.

hunt for levi.png

The Hunt for Levi

ISBN: 979-8550508732

Jesse Gatlin is a veteran detective in the Rockford Police Department, with a loving wife and two perfect kids. His world is ripped apart when his wife is killed by a vicious serial killer and his son is taken. Jesse is caught up in a deadly web of betrayal and desparation as he races to find the killer before more bodies pile up.




This little girl was born into poverty, sex and abuse in the Deep South. When her grandmother traded her and her teenage mother for drugs, she was kept in a cellar to keep her safe from the man. When her mother died, the man forced her to take over her mother’s sexual duties. Will she survive?


Boy on a Shelf


Inspired by a true story, J T Daniels exposes the horrific life of Peter. His family lives a normal life — work, school, church — while he is chained in a room, beaten and starving. Peter is their dirty little secret and they will go to any lengths to keep him hidden from others. Will he be saved in time?

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